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Date Public Notice Details
18/12/2009 Public Notice:"Quotation for Engagement of Firm of Legal Consultants in PNGRB."
25/11/2009 Public Notice:"PNGRB/M(I)/INFRA/BID-EVALUATION/PLCGD/2009/01."

Point-wise Rebuttal of the Statements made concerning Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board in the article "Shortcomings in Governance of the Natural Gas Sector" in the Economic and Political Weekly dated 25.7.2009.

30/10/2009 Clarifications on the article under the heading "Blockages in the gas pipelines-Lack of transparency in pipeline projects and the absence of regulations to prevent monopolies are marring the gas market, Warns Latha Jishnu" in Business Standard of 26th September,2009.
23/10/2009 Public Notice and Tender document(for reference purpose only) for Hiring of Consultant for Bid evaluation related to laying, building, operating or expanding Natural Gas Pipelines & City or Local Natural Gas Distribution networks.
09/10/2009 Payment of Other Charges under the provisions of the PNGRB (Levy of Fees and other charges) Regulatiions, 2007 
07/09/2009 Compliance of the provision of the PNGRB (Technical Standards And Specification Including Safety Standards for City or Local Natural Gas Distribution Netwaorks) Regulation, 2008 
17/07/2009 "Clarification w.r.t Regulation 12 of the PNGRB(Authorizing Entities to Lay, Build, Operate or Expand Natural Gas Pipelines) Regulations, 2008."
06/07/2009 Public Notice on Draft Regulations "PNGRB(Determination of Petroleum or Petroleum Products Pipeline Tariff) REgulations,2009".
02/07/2009 "Public Notice regarding adherance to the Regulations by entities."
10/06/2009 Public Notice:"Checklist-Prepared based on the approved and notified Technical Standard and Specifications including Safety Standards for CGD networks, for third party conformity assessment."